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Am I the only one who would’ve quite liked to have heard a full version of Dawn’s Lament? Perhaps on the studio album?

drusillathekiller asked: "i would take the burden of being very upset for a dru-centered episode. whyyyyyyyy didn’t they do this? TT^TT" I know, right? If Bland Mcwonderbrood can pull off a five-year spinoff show then Drusilla deserves a episode centered around her. They did a ANDREW centered episode, but not a Drusilla one. I mean, I like Andrew, but come on.


oh my goodness, i am laughing so hard right now—bland mcwonderbrood, that’s genius. 

i agree, i mean, nothing against andrew but…*puts one hand up* drusilla…*puts other hand up* andrew…*weighs one against the other* nyeeeeh, yeah sorry dru’s a whole lot little more interesting.

  • Spike: Oh my God, I’m turning into a vampire!
  • Drusilla: But how? I didn’t even bite you yet!
  • Spike: Premature edraculation.

Liking (or loving) Drusilla as a character is such a masochistic, painful thing to do.

I mean;

  • She’s a relatively minor character who appears in twenty-four episode of Buffyverse canon (or 9.4% of the series) and that’s including the times the First wore her exterior (for shits and giggles, presumably). In all her appearances, she’s a fairly minor presence, mostly a secondary villain for whoever the Big Bad is at the time (Spike, Angelus, Darla). 
  • As such, she has little to no fan content, and the fanfictions that have been written about her tend to be gut-wrenchingly sad and melancholic.
  • It’s probably gut-wrenchingly sad because everything about the character is gut-wrenchingly sad.
  • The whole point of the character is that she’s trapped in her brain and enduring “eternal torment” and doesn’t even have death to look forward to. Which is about as uplifting as a balloon being shot with a harpoon which then hits a puppy. In the face. On it’s birthday. 
  • "Hey Drusilla, how are you?" "Enduring eternal torment." "I bet your fun at parties." 
  • Like, you need a thousand kittens to play Bob Marley on a thousand tiny little trombones to cheer you up.
  • She’s the only member of the fanged four never to have a episode centered around her (or, urm, a entire spinoff) and while that’s a shame apart of you is kind of relieved because you have a feeling that if Drusilla’s character was deeply explored in canon it would become upsetting quickly.
  • The more you think about it, the more you delve into the character’s ambiguities, the worse it becomes. 
  • Like, you shouldn’t care so much about a fictional character (especially a secondary recurring villain in a show that ended eleven years ago) that isn’t real. But you do.
  • Also you really want her wardrobe, but you don’t have it. 

Yes I do realise the irony- as a Drusilla appreciation blog- to be waxing lyrical about how painful it is to appreciate Drusilla whilst actively encouraging the Buffyverse fandom to do exactly that.



orange is the new black buffy

Only vaguely Drusilla related, but still relevant (and hilarious) enough that I can justify reblogging it.