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Spike Part 9 (S02E09 - S02E10 BTVS) 

Great job! :3

Great job! :3

me: *looks at favorite characters* *wipes away tears* you deserved so much better 


Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Big Bads: First and Last Lines



Interview and Preview Pages! 

Angel and Faith #7 was fantastic, it was great to see Drusilla again, I’m really looking forward to this new mini-series. 


I wonder sometimes whether Drusilla is anorexic or she just works out a lot

Headcanon:Vampire are stuck in the same physical shape they were sired in, unable to lose or gain weight unless they are starved extensively (as referenced to in Pangs, by Spike). Other than that they are perfectly preserved as they were the second their heart stops beating, save for things like bruises or cuts.

Drusilla was in horrible shape the moment her heart stopped beating. Angelus had hunted and hounded her for weeks, and as her mental state deteriorated, so did her physical state. Pining for her family, she had neglected to eat anything some days, wishing she could just wither away so she could be with the people she loved and the God she so passionately believed in.

She was malnourished and thin the day she died, and she continued to be malnourished and thin for the rest of her wretched existence. As such, she got hungry much quicker than most vampires, and had to drink more to sustain herself.

After Prague, Drusilla would either let herself wilt away (like she initially insisted on doing in School Hard) or have insatiable, unappeasable appetite. Sometimes Spike would have to have to go out dozens of times to find her food, and when that wasn’t enough he’d hold her in his arms and let her feed off him.

Years later, even after their breakup, Drusilla would look back on her time with him and comfort herself knowing at least some of him was still inside her.


Miss Edith is hella metal.



what if spike started painting his nails because he always did drusilla’s nails for her and one day she was like let me do yours. and he said yes obv bc he would do anything for dru but then he was like this is actually pretty cool

And then when Drusilla leaves Spike, she tries to do her nails herself, but the distortion and delirium in her brain is so distracting that she doesn’t have the patience for it. Eventually, she realised that they’re chipping just a little bit day-by-day, just like Spike’s love for her as he subconsciously pursues the slayer. 

It upsets her so much she tries to rip them off.

(By the way, like-mayo-with-a-t also has a beautiful headcanon for this- which unfortunately I couldn’t reblog without the green-box of death).


Angelus: *Is a serial killer with a death toll in the hundreds of thousands who “lives” for the joys of destroying the human mind. Has attempted to end the world, tortured Drusilla to the point of insanity, and is alluded to be a rapist.*
Buffy fandom: Unf he’s…

I respect your opinion and really do appreciate a alternate perspective, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to disagree with you on a couple of points. 

*Then receives his soul back which is clearly stated in the buffyverse as the only thing which provides consciousness, humanity, and compassion for others. After that he cares so deeply for Buffy that he puts her needs over his own desire to be with her and leaves therefore showing his selflessness.* See the spin off for more reasons to love angel.”

Fair point, but that’s Angel. I’m talking about soulless Angelus, who many fans adore without a soul and as a highly sadistic, misogynistic serial rapist and killer. Can you really defend the zealous adoration for him among the fandom? I clearly stated that I was not referring to him post-soul (hence referring to him as “Angelus” and not “Angel”). Context is important. And to be honest, for reasons I’d rather not get into here, I’m not a huge fan of Angel either, though I recognise and respect his significance to the Buffyverse and that there are legitimate reasons for liking his character. 

And honestly, the whole-soul thing? It doesn’t make logical sense. If a soul equals empathy and “humanity” (you say such a thing as if there’s something inherently kind and moral about the human race, which is another subject for another time for another blog), then how do you explain soulful characters like Warren and Caleb (he’s human, so I presume he has a soul by default)? Are some souls faulty? Is there some glitch in some souls which mean they never activate? And in turn, how come some demons (which by default don’t have souls) are shown to be benevolent and capable of affection? Lorne, Clem…And let’s not forget The Judge. While not “humane” himself (I’m going to work with the rather finicky term for the sake of this argument), he claimed that he could burn Spike and Drusilla (soulless vampires) because "they reek of humanity" and "share affection and jealousy". 

Seriously, have you not seen David Boreanaz?”

That isn’t really a constructive argument; that’s a objective opinion, and very much a matter of personal taste and sexual orientation. As a lesbian, while acknowledging that he is indeed very handsome, no, I am not attracted to Boreanaz and even if I was, I would not deem that a good enough reason to like his character. 

"Yup. She does a lot of voicing how much everything sucks for Dawn. Buffy is suffering through everything Dawn is and has more responsibilities including protecting Dawn, is dead, and yet Dawn doesn’t seem to understand that others like Buffy are suffering. Dawn is only concerned with her own problems and instead of suffering in compassion with Buffy,"

I never said I didn’t feel sympathy for Buffy, though what you seem to be implicating is that if Buffy is suffering the most, then no other character has a right to complain or feel anguish. You also seem to forget that every character seemed to be somewhat apathetic and selfish in regards to Buffy’s suffering at some point, and Dawn was by no means the worst when you consider how Spike, Anya, Xander, or Willow sometimes dealt with it.

"Dawn keeps rejecting Buffy and running off and getting kidnapped."

Did you hear that, folks? Dawn being put in constant mortal danger is just a evil little icky-teenaged-female way of spiting Buffy. "Mwhahaha, look at me, getting kidnapped by goddesses, demons, and vampires with a high risk of death! that’ll show Buffy for not paying attention to me!" I’m supposing all the times Xander (Teacher’s Pet, Lover’s Walk, First Date), Cordelia (The Harvest, Out of Sight Out of Mind, When She Was Bad, Some Assembly Required, Reptile Boy), Willow (The Pack, I Robot You Jane, Innocence, I Only Have Eyes For You, Lover’s Walk, Gingerbread, Choices, Beer Bad, Wild at Heart, Same Time Same Place), Spike (Intervention, Sleeper, Never Leave Me, Bring on The Night, Showtime) and Angel (What’s My Line, The Wish) found themselves waiting for Buffy to rescue them from trouble was different because..? 

"*She also admits to hating COMPLAINS ABOUT how she'd is constantly being kidnapped and being one of the few  MANY people in her household with no super-powers”

I know, it’s disgraceful, isn’t it? How dare she whine about being kidnapped every other Tuesday with her very life threatened? In my day, kids had real problems. When I was Dawn’s age, we’d be kidnapped daily as a reminder to be respectful to our parents, and we had to walk seven miles every day to escape our captors, and kids these days don’t know how good they have it, darn-nabbit!

 Many? Let’s see…Buffy is a slayer with supernatural strength, healing powers, speed, stamina, and precognitive abilities in her sleep. Willow and Tara are witches who have both been shown to have powers of telekinesis, pyrokinesis, and levitation. Willow herself became a mind-reader at some point with the ability to suck the life-force out of someone and warp reality to her whims. Giles was rather competent in witchcraft as well and had a encyclopedic knowledge on demonology, as well as being endowed with the powers of The Coven at the end of season six (Two To Go, Grave). Anya had powers of teleportation and empathy for a good while when she was rehired as a vengeance demon. Spike was immortal, supernaturally strong, and had senses (urm, smelling Buffy from two miles away, anyone?) no human could imagine. There are about two dozen potential slayers in her house during season seven, and while they aren’t super-powered per say before the series finale, they are alluded to being more than human (Potential). That just leaves Joyce (the aforementioned mother who suddenly passed away when Dawn was fourteen, but I guess she whined about that too) and Xander. And you what I love about Dawn? She knew she wasn’t special after being deactivated as the key, but by the end of the series she was a valuable member of the Scooby Gang anyway. In season seven she did nearly all the research/translations, and in the finale she dusts a couple of vamps, thus saving Xander with the powers of her cunning.While everyone else was fighting the Turok-Kahn the old fashioned way, Dawn had a cunning plan; why not open the curtains and let some sunlight in? Might seem obvious, but no one else fighting above the Hellmouth thought of it.

endeavours to be useful anyway by mastering several ancient languages and somehow picking up some pretty damn nifty moves with a sword on the fly. No. Only in the last two seasons does Dawn slay a few vamps.”

I don’t believe I ever stated that she slayed any vampires in season five, so I’m a little perplexed as to what your point is. 

"Even in season 6 she uses those ancient languages to SUMMON HALFREK and trap the scoobies. She is borderline antagonistic and has only traces of what some consider to be redemption near the very end."

Actually, Dawn never summoned Halfrek on purpose. Halfrek disguised herself as a school councillor and coaxed her into making a wish without her prior consent. Was she just supposed to know it was a Vengeance Demon? And after that, she is reprimanded appropriately, and ends up working for free at Anya’s shop to repay her debt both for what happened and for the jewellery she stole from the Magic Box. She also returns everything she steals (Entropy). After that, not only does she never steal again, but she’s shown to mature a lot more.

"Redemption"? For being a misguided teenager? I’d call that something more along the lines of growing up.

"All she really wants is for her sister to be safe, and to have some stability in her life. This is only true in season 7, the rest is an abundance of damsel in distressery, making things worse for Buffy, and undeveloped teen angst.”

Again, you say “damsel in distress” as if she is the only or most prolific damsel in the buffyverse, but that was addressed above.

I also find it interesting that you find that to be good enough reason to condemn her, while in Angel the Series (something you recommend as a example of Angel/us being a great character) there are dozens and dozens of female damsels in distress. It’s pretty much innumerable. Sure, there are a few badass women in there, Kate Lockley, Faith Lehane, Illyria, etc, but mostly it’s women running in alleys screaming for Angel to save them (RE: The very first episode, which marked a pattern in Angel saving a bunch of mostly vulnerable young women).

Also, by the end of the series, Dawn is 300% done with the whole kidnapping business, and manages to take matters in her own hands so she can help out her older sister against the first.

And she only cared about her sister in season seven? You really believe that? In The Gift she was about ready to fling herself off that tower so Buffy wouldn’t have to. And there’s a long history of her standing up for the people she loves (Buffy included) that goes as far back as “Family”.

"Also deals with the fact that she’s actually a ball of mystical energy whilst coping with the usual adolescent aberrations like exams, fitting in with friends, and acne.* *Is annoying before finding out she is a ball of mystical energy, is rightfully troubled and annoying while dealing with being a ball of mystical energy, and is still annoying after dealing with being a ball of mystical energy.*”

More an objective opinion than an argument, but I respect that and understand how she may have irked some. Not really all that much more to say than I didn’t find her annoying at all. In fact, by the end of the series, she was one of the few main characters I hadn’t turned sour to. 

"Buffy fandom:OMFG IT’S THE ANTICHRIST. An angsty teenager who doesn’t learn from her mistakes or develop as a character [for the majority of the series] and is clearly intended to be an annoying character.”

"Doesn’t learn from her mistakes". 

I cannot even fathom what would lead you to believe that. And was she intended to be disliked or reviled? Joss Whedon has gone on record saying he never understood the extent of hatred Dawn received. "I scratched my head. I was like, ‘Excuse me, she’s been abandoned by about six parental figures. The girl has huge issues.’" (In a interview for

I think it’s important to compare what Buffy was like when she was fifteen to what Dawn was like when she was fifteen, and try and look for similarities. There are quite a few. And Buffy evolved into this cunning, loyal, resourceful, resilient, and loving hero who saved the world a good nine times. 

  • Angelus: *Is a serial killer with a death toll in the hundreds of thousands who "lives" for the joys of destroying the human mind. Has attempted to end the world, tortured Drusilla to the point of insanity, and is alluded to be a rapist.*
  • Buffy fandom: Unf he's so hot, Angelus is such a badass we love him. I want that undead cutie with the undead booty.
  • Dawn Summers: *Voices how much it sucks to be a fourteen-sixteen year old girl with a absentee father, a dead mother, a dead sister, and parental figures who have a habit of dying, disappearing or betraying her. She also admits to hating how she's constantly being kidnapped and being one of the few people in her household with no super-powers, but endeavours to be useful anyway by mastering several ancient languages and somehow picking up some pretty damn nifty moves with a sword on the fly. All she really wants is for her sister to be safe, and to have some stability in her life. Also deals with the fact that she's actually a ball of mystical energy whilst coping with the usual adolescent aberrations like exams, fitting in with friends, and acne.*
  • Buffy fandom: OMFG IT'S THE ANTICHRIST.